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S & D8

[S & D8]
A superb quality Indian Deccani Steel dagger Chilanum. cica A.D.1600 The hilt and the blade are hand forged in one piece. The curved double-edged blade with a median ridge and thickened point for mail piercing is hand forged from extremely fine Damascus steel Wootz with a clearly visible remarkable watered pattern. The hilt of characteristic form is sophisticatedly designed with quillons terminating in dragon heads among the knob pommel. The knuckle bow is enclosed by a peacock head in relief. Similar dragons’ heads can be found on such art objects as jade and metal jugs from the Timurids Dynasty, ancestors of the Mughals, many elements were adopted from Timurid Art. The silver scabbard of the dagger is finely chiseled with the tree of life, a characteristic motif of the Mughal carpets and embroidery during the 16th and 17th century. This is the best quality Chilanum which I have ever seen including reference books, museums, and private collections. This particular dagger had been crafted for a very important person of the Mughal aristocracy during the late 16th and early 17th century. The Chilanum is in good condition except for some small dents to the silver scabbard. The sash is extremely rare and a quality object of Mughal Indian art and quite impossible to find. This is an opportunity of a life time for serious collectors or Museums. Total length with the scabbard is : 14 inches (36.3cm) The total length without scabbard is 14inches (35 cm) Width of the blade near the hilt is 2 1/8 inches (5.4cm). Lenght of the blade approximately : 9 3/4inches (25cm).


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