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History Of Chobi Rugs


The word "Chobi" refers to rugs and carpets that were made in Afghanistan and Pakistan (Peshawar). The meaning of word "Chobi" means something that has color like "wood". In Farsi(language in IRAN and Afghanistan) "Chob" means "Wood" and "Chobi" means color like "wood". The majority of the Chobi rugs and carpets have light brownish color. You can find different design Chobi design rugs however the majority of them have light brownish color. These rugs do not have long history in world only around 10- 13 years ago came to the US, however have high demand due to their beautiful coloration. Chobi rugs usually are chemically washed to get antique looks. The majority of Chobi rugs do not have high quality and resale value.

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