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Carpets & Rugs
History & Antiques of Afghanistan
The Faith & the Faithful
Minerals & Gemstons in Afghanistan
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Who was Karem?
Muhammad Karem son of
Muhammad Husian was
born in Year 1862 in the new
town of Kabul Afghanistan
his father was a smith man.
After he finished some class`s
of school he joined his father.more>>

What is this site about?
This Site is all about Antiques
Carpets and Jewelries & some
information related to them.
We add some of Antiques which
are record in the book of Karemis.
And we add some information
about the empire passed in
centeral asia and information
about Mineral & gem-
stons in Afghanistan.
K the sign of trust
The Most Beautiful Show Case located in (K) Shop.
K the sign of trust
An old piece of paper in which is written a small varse of Quran Karem in Kufa hand writing.
K the sign of trust
The beautiful Quran Karem in Kufa hand writing.
One of great names
and Members of Karemi
Family .more>> 

K the sign of trust
A beautiful view of (K) shop located in peshawar pakistan.

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