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Who was Karem?

Mohammad Karem Khan S/O Mohammad Hussain Khan was Born 24 of June 1862 in capital city Of Afghanistan (Kabul). Mohammd Hussain Khan was a Reputed Smith man and was famous because of his Loyalty and honesty as smith man Mohammad hussain khan wanted that his son should became a smith man but he see the education first then any thing else .In the age of 6th Mohammad Karem Khan started his elementary school in kabul. After finishing his elementary school  at age of 12th he join his father and became a smith man. In the age of 46 Mohammad Hussian khan died after the death of his father at age of 22 Mohammad Karem khan was the only hope of his family.Mohammad karem Khan had Three  wife's from different province of Afghanistan. At the age of 24th Mohammad karem khan marry his first wife from Kabul city after his marriage they moved to Mazar sharif the cues of moving to Mizar sharif was economic problem of Mohmmad Karem khan and he started his father profession in Mizar sharif in a small shop after the 2 years of his first marriage he marry his second wife from Mizar sharif. As like his father Mohammad Karem khan was very straight in his religion and was full filling the Islamic Rule(Shreya) and after 4th  year  of his marriage they move back to Kabul city and start his shop in Kabul and after 3 moths  he marry his 3th wife.Mohammad karem Khan had 2 sons and 5 daughters from three marriages. The elder son was Haji Mohammad Omar Khan and the younger son was Haji Mohammd Rahim Khan.Mohammad Hussain Khan died at the age of 92 in 10th of March 1954 in Kabul city and after his death his sons put there father name as there surname or last name that his name should be remembered for ever.

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