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S & D9

[S & D9]
An outstanding Antique 19th century Islamic Arabian Sword Shamshir–Saif with extremely long palash type single edged blade with one fuller. The hilt with bone grips is enclosed by silver straps, solid silver cross-guard and the pommel decorated in traditional Arab manner are connected by a double silver chain. Massive silver scabbard with wooden inserts is engraved in the typical tribal motifs and applied with twelve gold panels elegantly chiseled with floral design. The scabbard comes with its original, woven with silk and silver, carrying belt. Measurements: total length with the scabbard: 40 inches (103 cm), the length without scabbard: 40 inches (101,7cm), length of the blade approximately: 34 inches (88,2cm). Condition: the sword is in very good condition except for one small dent in the silver scabbard near the drag and one at the mouth, also the scabbard is slightly tightish do to the dryness of the wooden inserts. This is a really gem for a serious collection.


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