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S & D12

[S & D12]
Extremely rare 17th -18th century Turkish Ottoman Dagger Khanjar. The walrus grip of dumbbell form is flaring at either end. Double edged curved and sturdy Damascus steel blade is decorated on each side with six narrow fullers. The median ridge is inlaid with six small stars. The silver scabbard is chiseled and repousee with floral motifs. Total length with the scabbard is: 19 inches (49cm), the length without scabbard is 17 5/8 inches (44.7cm). Length of the blade approximately: 13 inches (33cm), Condition: good except for old repairs to the ivory hilt. This dagger is a fine example of a typical Ottoman Khanjar of the seventeen century. References: a very similar blade of the 17th century Turkish Ottoman Khanjar is in the collection in the Brunswick Museum (a photocopy is attached to the listing).


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