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Muhammad Hamid Karemi

Muhammad Hamid Karemi
Muhammad Hamid Karemi S/O of Hajji Muhammad Nazir Karemi was born in 25Th May 1980 in Capital city of Afghanistan the great Kabul.
He studied his elementary Studies in wazir Akber Khan High school and after that he joined Omar Shaheed high school and he studied there for two years due to Taliban regime they came to Peshawar Pakistan and he start his further studies in Syed Jamal U deen high school and he graduated from there in the year 1997.
Mr. Karemi was not interested in studies. He had interest in two things Football and discovering about Ancient coins. in the age of 15 besides his studies he was buying and selling the coins all his focus was how to be best in this Nobel field just like his other brothers he loved this field so much. His young age and his brilliance in the field of Coins made him popular amongst Antiquary's and because he was fluent in English language  he met some good foreign customers such as the ambassadors of Australia,Brazil and the famous William Puffer.After dead of his elder brother Muhammad Azim Karemi his Father want him to go New Delhi but he Refused to go either Delhi or some where else and wanted to be with family. After one year of the dead Muhammad Azim Karemi he got married. 
In the year 2005 he wanted to built a Antique Show room in the city of opportunity the city of gold sand Dubai and he chose Gold Soukh Sharjah to be his first show room over sea and he stable the brunch over there and after two year he bought another show room in Gold land Dubai.

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